Prices, Delivery & Details

Starting Your Glass Gallon Delivery Service

When signing up for service, you will need to estimate your anticipated water usage for the two weeks in-between deliveries. Most Customers start with a Crate of 4 Gallons but you can add as many additional crates as you wish. Just add the amount at checkout.

Delivery Day is every other week.

Charleston is on Mondays and Tuesdays

On Delivery Day, you may set out your empty bottles with or without a Crate. Whatever is easier for you. We swap out your empties for full ones and record the numbers to your account. Occasionally we will swap out your Crate for a new or refurbished one.

Prices & Minimums

Price will vary by location and amount delivered. Your first order is $7 per gallon.

2024 Residential Delivery Pricing...

Full Glass Gallon exchange -


>Mt Pleasant, Sullivan's Is, IoP-- $8 per gallon     (Volume discount is $.50 ($7.50) each when Eight or more gallons are delivered on delivery day)

>James Is, John's Is, Peninsula -- $7.50   (Volume discount is $.50 ($7) each when 8 or more gallons are delivered on delivery day).

Delivery is free and residential customers are exempt from SC sales taxes on both water and deposits.

Glass & Crate Deposits

We only charge a $28 deposit per crate with 4 glass bottles (an $80 Value). We ask that deposits and your first water order be paid at the time of signing up for service.  You can cancel service at any time and have deposit monies returned in exchange for undamaged crates and bottles.

Payment & Billing

When signing up for service, an account will be automatically generated for you at checkout. Your payment information will be stored on secure servers on the Stripe supported RevCent platform. Learn more here.

An Auto-Draft will  process after each delivery and you will receive an email confirmation with the itemization of the delivery.

We'll also send you a text message the day before each delivery day to remind you to set out your empties.

Dispensing and Storage

Though multi-use glass containers are best for quality and environment, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. They are heavy...use caution. A simple method of pouring is to keep the bottom edge of the bottle on the counter or table while you tip the bottle.  We also make our own custom dispensers. Use care when handling or stacking your crates. Keep bottles away from prolonged direct sunlight.

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